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Pumpkin Carving Pattern

Well, I'm at it again making pumpkin carving patterns. This one is based on the concept art for The Legend of Korra.Collapse )
I am now taking requests for carving patterns. If there is a particular AtLA character or animal you want a pattern for, leave a comment and a link to a good (large pic of subject that is not blurry), screencap.


Cross stitch, anyone?

*waves* Hello! I'm caterfree10 and I'm new to the community. Hope I get to know you all! :3

So, recently I've gotten back into the flow of doing cross stitch and am working on one of the many non-AtLA patterns I found online. I did find some AtLA ones as well, the four nations' symbols and one of Aang, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any other AtLA patterns that I could download for free? Since Legend of Korra has been announced, I kinda want to do something in celebration of the announcement (though the four nation symbols are a good back up if I can't find anything else). Help?

Mod Post

How is everyone doing? I hope you are all as excited about the new series, The Legend of Korra, as much as I am. Have you seen the promo picture or read the description for it yet? Has anyone made anything to celebrate? I am now including fanfics to the line up of crafts, cosplay items, icons, food, and art.

I am working on an Earth Nation-inspired purse that will hopefully look like Sokka's bag in The Blind Bandit. I will post pictures as soon as it is done.

I am making some changes to the community, so stay tuned for more...

Appa Toy Pattern?

Hi everyone,

My boyfriend is graduating with his Master's this year, and instead of the plain ol' graduation-bear present, I'd like to give him a soft toy Appa with a grad cap (and perhaps a cape ...). Do any of you know of any patterns I could use or alter to make an Appa toy? Any guidance here would be greatly appreciated (also, if Appa toys actually exist even though I've not been able to find any, that would be great, too ..)


Hey Avatar Crafters!

Has anyone made an amigurumi (a toy that has been knitted or crocheted), of Appa or Momo? I am thinking of making one but I have never made my own pattern before.


I, too, was inspired by kimby77's incredibly awesome Avatar blanket. So, a few months and three seasons of The Wire on dvd later, I'm finished! Pardon the fuzziness, my camera is kind of crappy.

Victory!Collapse )

Everyone I show it to is really impressed in the "Wait, you made that youself?!" kind of way. My new boyfriend, also an Avatar fan, wants one of his own. I promised to teach him to crochet, because much as I love it, I think I'm going to work on rather smaller projects for a while. :D

Avatar Charms.

Okay. So. Iii managed to find myself some shrinkable plastic at my local craft store, and after messing around with it a little I was like, "I SO OBVIOUSLY need to make Avatar charms!"

And lo, I did. Not sure what I'm going to do with them, but I made a whole bunch. Here's one of the sets, I might make a charm bracelet.

Pics under the cut!Collapse )

Cross-posted to avatar_fans.

An Avatar: The Last Airbender Blanket

Avatar: The Four Elements
An Avatar: The Last Airbender blanket

Because I figure if you have an all-consuming, unnatural obsession that pretty much takes over your life with little remorse for its own part... well, you might as well be productive about this, right?

Click for bigger pictures, and detailsCollapse )

I also decided to write a pattern for it, should any fellow crocheters feel up to taking on this challenge, or if anyone's just curious as to how I did it... :D

Link to patternCollapse )

Hope you all like it. And yes, feel free to marvel at the lengths I will go to retain my dorkdom... :D

I just finished another pumpkin carving pattern. This time it is Fang, Avatar Roku's animal guide. If there is a specific pattern you'd like, send me the picture and I'll try my best to make it.

Avatar Projects

I was digging in my closet earlier and found my basket of fabric. Inside was my (non-Katara)  Water Tribe costume that I started last year. I spent all my time working on a Katara costume for my cousin that I didn't finish mine. It has white bands on the cuffs, and other than that it is pretty much the same as the Katara costume. I haven't sewed on the white bands along the bottom yet. I plan on unearthing my sewing machine and finishing that tomorrow. Is anyone working on a costume? I would love to make one of Momo.

Halloween is quickly approching. Has anyone carved any Avatar characters onto pumpkins? I've made a few AtLA patterns. I'll post them tomorrow.