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Aang beanie!

How is it that I've just now found this community!  This is amazing and all of you are so darn talented!

For those of you knitters who haven't seen it yet, here's Airbending (ravelry link) which is the coolest hat I've seen in a long while. I made one for my man last Valentine's day and we're both thrilled with it!  I think I might be casting one on for myself soon as well.

The Quenchiest!

Ridiculous Avatar buttons!

So I posted these a while back on some other community, and have been considering posting here for a while, but I didn't want to feel like a spammer. XD; But I figure it's been long enough now, and I also have a couple newer portrait buttons to share!

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These buttons (and more!) are available in my etsy shop for anyone interested!
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Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Here is all of the Avatar the Last Airbender patterns I have done (minus the Korra one posted earlier).

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When carving:
Black- Do nothing.
Dark Grey- Carve pumpkin skin but leave pulp alone.
Light Grey- Carve pumpkin skin and about halfway through pulp.
White- Carve skin and pulp away so the light can shine through.

If there is a pose or character you want, I am taking requests and I do this for free. Just send me a link to the screenshot and I'll do my best.
I also have several patterns of various Danny Phantom characters done- Danny in phantom form, Sam, Tucker, Jazz, Maddie, Jack, Vlad human and ghost, Ember, and the wolf ghost.